MNL - Season 7


Season 7 of Monday Night Lights continued at Imola this week for Round 3 of the season.  It was an amazing turnout of driving talent once again.  With a Strength of Field of 3,760 the MNL race obtained the highest SoF for the second week running.  There was a great mix of new and old faces and you feel the excitement.  Perhaps one of the biggest indicators of the quality of the field last night was just how many Top Split regulars were pushed down into the second split.  The likes of Kevin Henderson, Brad Parkin and Jason Wilmen to name a few.  Great to see Jason back on track for MNL.  He’s now chasing Kevin for the most starts in the series after missing the first two rounds.

Without spoiling the outcome for those who have yet to look at the results, It was fantastic to see a good mix of local and international talent up the front, with the local guys really taking it some of the best drivers in the world.  MNL really has become a great platform for local and overseas drivers a like to have a proper go at the official series overall, with big points on offer each week.  That of course over and above the glory that goes with taking out the MNL season itself.

Once again, Bernie and RRtv are still on hiatus.  So my shabby attempt at solo replay commentary is what we have to look through some of the action from what was an outstanding race.

Don’t forget to check out the current standings on the Monday Night Lights page on this site.

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