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The Top Split – Episode #009 – Benny Simonsen

This month I was fortunate enough to speak with professional racing driver Benny Simonsen.  Benny was generous enough to share some of his experiences and insights into the comparisons between sim racing and racing in real life.  He also gave some great impressions of his times racing some of the fantastic cars we race on the iRacing service in real life.

If you’d like to follow Benny’s exploits in the world of GT racing, you can find him in the following places:

Instagram – @bennysimonsen22

Website –

Facebook – Benny Simonsen

Benny also has a crack at The Tops Split Hotlap Leaderboard, so make sure you check out the standings here – LINKY

The Top Split – Episode #008 – Johnny Guindi

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Johnny Guindi, a young up and coming driver on the real racing tracks around the world as well as in iRacing.  Johnny is a Nissan GT Academy winner and he shares his experiences from the show as well as those on the track during the program and from the 24 hour race in Dubai.  It was an exciting opportunity for me to speak with him about how real life racing compares to what we get on the iRacing service.

If you’d like to get in touch with Johnny for some Sim Racing Coaching, you can reach him at –  Alternatively, you can join him live on the skippy discord server where he does live track guides.

Also check out Johnny’s experiences during his victorious run at the GT Academy on YouTube here – LINKY

Johnny also has a crack at The Tops Split Hotlap Leaderboard, so make sure you check out the standings here – LINKY

The Top Split – Episode #007 – The Panel

In this episode of the podcast I speak with Dennis Fiedler and Desmond Harberger in the first ever attempt at ‘The Panel’.  We are just three blokes talking some stuff about iRacing as we see it.  Nothing like getting some information from the grass roots.

Desmond also has a crack at The Tops Split Hotlap Leaderboard, so make sure you check out the standings here – LINKY

Australasian Superskips – S2 R2 – Silverstone

Round 2 of the Australasian Superskips saw the drivers head to the International layout of Silverstone.  A field of 22 hopefuls hit the grid with the fantastic RRtv coverage joining the series for the first time.  With Bernie and special guest Kevin Henderson in the booth, the action out on track was great as always.

Check out the coverage below, including a live cross to me in the cockpit during the race.  My race is the second video below where you can also check out the live cross.  Quite an innovative season for RRtv with this and other new features highlighting their broadcasts.

Follow all the championship standings and results from each race at the Superskips website – LINKY

Australasian Superskips – S2 R1 – Barber

Playing a bit of catch with covering this season’s action in the Australasian Superskips.

Season 2 kicked off in the second week of April and took place at the very challenging Barber Motorsports Park.  A great lineup to start the season.  A strong field of 28 turned out for Round 1 and there was a great mix of local and international driving talent on display.

One of the big innovations this season has been the introduction of the championship website, generously developed and hosted by Philippe Lebeyart using the same system as the 2K Cup.

The race itself was hotly contested with the usual mix of on track action thrown in with the challenge of making timely and clean pitstops.  Whilst RRtv will cover selected rounds of the season, unfortunately Bernie was unwell and unable to cover the event, so you will have to settle for my onboard footage and commentary below.

Make sure that after watching it through, you check out the full results and standings on the new AAS website here – LINKY