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The Top Split – Episode #004 – Nim Cross Jr.

IRacing Chief Steward Nim Cross Jr. was my guest this episode.  Nim was able to give an excellent overview of the process drivers will go through when they lodge a protest as well as some fantastic insights into the philosophies behind the system.  It’s easy to tell that Nim is not only a fan of racing but is genuinely very passionate about what he does and really puts a lot of himself into his work in making the iRacing service and the experience of it better for us all.  He was a wealth of information and insight and it was a pleasure to have him on the show.

Make sure you check out the video footage of Nim’s crack at The Top Split Hotlap Leaderboard which you can find here – LINKY


The Top Split – Episode #003 – Matt Malone

This episode of The Top Split sees me take a look at the world of online streaming with Matt Malone, who is one of, if not the top iRacing streamer on Twitch along with his team at Grip TV.  It was a fascinating insight into some of the concepts involved and it was great to have Matt on the show.  He also took a spin around Okayama to take on The Top Split Leader board challenge and set the time to beat for all my future guests.

If you’d like to find out more about Matt and the Grip TV team, I thoroughly recommend heading on over to his Twitch channel and that of Grip TV itself using the links below.  There’s also a great bunch of content over on Matt’s YouTube channel that you can also see in the links.  So head on over and find out what all the fuss is about!

I’ve also put a link below to the short documentary we spoke about during our chat called ‘The World’s Fastest Alien’.  If you want to see how the famed Greger Huttu went on his visit to Road Atlanta to drive both the Skip Barber and Star Mazda cars in real life, make sure you check that out as well.  It was a really interesting little insight.

Thanks for tuning in to the show.  I’ll see you for more iRacing action soon!


Matt Malone

Twitch – Showdown1983

Twitch – Grip TV

YouTube – Showdown1983 

From the Podcast

The World’s Fastest Alien

The Top Split – Episode #002 – Philippe Leybaert

In the second episode of The Top Split I take a look at the iRacing season that was for 2016 Season 4.  I took a look at the upcoming Australasian Superskips and Australian Formula 1 Championships.  Two new Hosted Leagues offering great racing opportunities for primarily ANZ club members, but, open to all looking for some great on track action.

In the main part of the episode I had the fantastic opportunity to spend some time talking to Philippe Leybaert, who is not only the community coordinator for the Skip Barber Official Series on the iRacing site and organiser of the Skip Barber 2K Cup, but, also a top flight driver himself.  It was great to speak with Philippe about some of the great work that he puts into the community as well as learn a little more about him.

One of the things that Philippe and I spoke about was increasing your awareness on track when looking to improve your driving and results.  I mentioned a series of videos called ‘Surviving Rookies’.  It’s a three part series by Scott Hanley.  Somewhat dated in terms of the cars on screen, you can tell they are from a few years ago at least.  But, certainly the content covered is still relevant today and well worth your time invested in taking a look.  I’ve linked the three videos below.

Surviving Rookies Part 1

Surviving Rookies Part 2

Surviving Rookies Part 3

Thanks for tuning in.  I hope you enjoy the show and I’ll see you in the new year for more Top Split action!

The Top Split – Episode #001 – Simon Chambers

The very first episode of The Top Split!  On this episode we introduce the podcast and outline some of the goals and what will be covered.  Then we talk to our first ever guest, Simon Chambers, about the upcoming  Australasian Superskips league and how to go about setting up a hosted league on iRacing.  We then do a quick review of the Skip Barber Official championship as we move into the final week of Season 4 for 2016 and look at how the local Australia/New Zealand club drivers have fared.  Finally the episode looks at the Monday Night Lights championship standings as that season also draws to a close this week.

Great to have the first episode in the books.  Looking forward to bringing you many more with a great mix of news, views and insights into the Sim Racing world.