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The Top Split – Episode #003 – Matt Malone

This episode of The Top Split sees me take a look at the world of online streaming with Matt Malone, who is one of, if not the top iRacing streamer on Twitch along with his team at Grip TV.  It was a fascinating insight into some of the concepts involved and it was great to have Matt on the show.  He also took a spin around Okayama to take on The Top Split Leader board challenge and set the time to beat for all my future guests.

If you’d like to find out more about Matt and the Grip TV team, I thoroughly recommend heading on over to his Twitch channel and that of Grip TV itself using the links below.  There’s also a great bunch of content over on Matt’s YouTube channel that you can also see in the links.  So head on over and find out what all the fuss is about!

I’ve also put a link below to the short documentary we spoke about during our chat called ‘The World’s Fastest Alien’.  If you want to see how the famed Greger Huttu went on his visit to Road Atlanta to drive both the Skip Barber and Star Mazda cars in real life, make sure you check that out as well.  It was a really interesting little insight.

Thanks for tuning in to the show.  I’ll see you for more iRacing action soon!


Matt Malone

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Twitch – Grip TV

YouTube – Showdown1983 

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The World’s Fastest Alien

MNL Season 7 Race 6 @ Road America

Round 6 of Monday Night Lights saw the championship move to Road America and saw a great race.  It also saw the return of the RRtv coverage after the Christmas hiatus.  The drivers put on a fantastic display for the broadcast with a leading pack of 6 drivers running all sorts of lines side by side for almost the entire race and no less than 4 drivers leading laps during the race.

Fantastic again to see the MNL race draw out a top quality field for the top split with the Strength of Field once again in the top 3 for the week and providing a great platform for the local drivers making a tilt at the official championship.  This was despite the field missing a few of the more notable regulars, including returning series champion Enzo Canta and stalwart regular Kevin Henderson.

Without wanting to spoil the race, make sure you check out the broadcast replay below courtesy of RRtv that shows the tightest finish in MNL history in what was an amazing race to watch and call.  For full championship standings pop on over to Monday Night Lights section of this website.  But, for now, wrap your peepers over this fantastic race and come back next week for some more great MNL racing!


Season 7 of Monday Night Lights continued at Imola this week for Round 3 of the season.  It was an amazing turnout of driving talent once again.  With a Strength of Field of 3,760 the MNL race obtained the highest SoF for the second week running.  There was a great mix of new and old faces and you feel the excitement.  Perhaps one of the biggest indicators of the quality of the field last night was just how many Top Split regulars were pushed down into the second split.  The likes of Kevin Henderson, Brad Parkin and Jason Wilmen to name a few.  Great to see Jason back on track for MNL.  He’s now chasing Kevin for the most starts in the series after missing the first two rounds.

Without spoiling the outcome for those who have yet to look at the results, It was fantastic to see a good mix of local and international talent up the front, with the local guys really taking it some of the best drivers in the world.  MNL really has become a great platform for local and overseas drivers a like to have a proper go at the official series overall, with big points on offer each week.  That of course over and above the glory that goes with taking out the MNL season itself.

Once again, Bernie and RRtv are still on hiatus.  So my shabby attempt at solo replay commentary is what we have to look through some of the action from what was an outstanding race.

Don’t forget to check out the current standings on the Monday Night Lights page on this site.


The second round of Season 7 of the Monday Night Lights series has been run and won.  Barber Motorsports Park hosted round two with an amazing field turning out for the event.  With a Strength of Field topping 3,200, the race took out the title of strongest field of the week.  The action was commensurate with the skill of the drivers on display.

Ludwig Ghidi made a welcome return to the series and snared a hotly contested pole position from the top local driver Ben Furhoff just .03 behind with Stuart Vaughan, a new driver to the series just a single one thousandth behind Furhoff in third.  With a great mixture of familiar faces and new drivers on the grid perhaps the most notable outcome of the two lap qualifying run was Enzo Canta, who could only manage 8th position after not being able to get the track time needed during the week to put himself further up the grid.

From the fall of the green flag Ghidi established a commanding lead with Furhoff and Vaughan fighting it out for the podium positions with Chris Forbes.  A coming together in the early laps between these two saw Vaughan have to limp his damaged car around to the pits ending his shot at the higher positions.

The real action though was in the midfield with a hard charging Canta battling it out with the likes of Kevin Henderson, Chris Forbes and Colin Suttie.  There was action a plenty throughout the field with drivers putting on a fantastic display and plenty for the viewers to take in.  Henderson had a night to remember with several incidents with fellow competitiors, including Suttie, Canta, Alex McKellar and Mick Grey.  In and amongst all that action, Henderson was still able to bring his battered machine home in 5th place.

There were too many stories to tell in words out of this race.  I think it best to let the video below tell the story as best it can.  It was a great field that made for a great race.  Thanks to one and all for turning out and making it another fantastic event!