The Top Split – Episode #013 – ‘Splash and Dash’

This is the first of the new shorter form podcast that we’re calling ‘Splash and Dash’.  Where we will discuss more topical iRacing issues of the day.  The longer form episodes that I have been doing will continue with regular ‘Splash and Dash’ episodes mixed in.

I also welcome my new co-host Alex John.  You may know him already from the last Panel episode or more recently the Monday Night Lights commentary.  We’ll be teaming up for these shorter, more frequent episodes so feel free to reach out to us and let us know what you’d like us to discuss.  You can find us on Facebook, Youtube or on our respective streams using the links below!

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The Top Split – Episode #012 – Tammy ‘WildAnnie’ Jeffery

My guest this episode was the fabulous Tammy Jeffery often better known by her online persona as ‘WildAnnie’.  Tammy is a twitch streamer from the UK and she captured my imagination with her energetic and authentic approach to her streaming and her racing.  She’s a ton of fun and I really enjoyed our catch up.

Make sure you drop by her Twitch channel at – and follow her on twitter – @PaperGoblin to see what’s going on in the world of the wonderful ‘WildAnnie’!

Monday Night Lights – Season 14

Season 14 of Monday Night Lights continues on The Top Split.  We are proud to continue our support for this series and for the ANZ Skip Barber community.  You can find all this season’s action right here in the one place.  Enjoy some of the best racing you’ll see anywhere!

Monday Night Lights – Season 13

After the retirement of the great Bernie Weimers and RRTV, The Top Split was proud to continue the Monday Night Lights tradition and took on the great challenge of covering Season 13.  All the races we broadcast this season are right here!


The Top Split – Episode #011 – The Panel II – #goteammilo

In this episode I revive The Panel, this time with some members of the ANZ iRacing giants in Team Milo.  We caught up on a few hot topics and had a few laughs along the way.

Alex John also has a crack at The Tops Split Hotlap Leaderboard, so make sure you check out the standings here – LINKY