The first round of the inaugural Australasian Superskips kicked off in style last night with a fantastic turnout of 33 drivers taking the grid.  Speaking from first hand, as I took to the track myself for what I hope is many Superskips races to come, the driving standard was excellent.  It was amazing to see a flood of cars streaming around the Okayama circuit on the first lap with none of the carnage that can accompany some of the official racing at this track.

One of our international guests Fahim Antoniades took poll and the early running and led for a good deal of the race overall.  He was struck down after ill fated attempts to make the compulsory pit stop when he was unable to take on fuel due to what we will call virtual ‘mechanical’ issues (aka misconfigured app.ini file).  This left him spluttering his way around to finish the race in 28th position, giving up what looked to be a comfortable win of the first ever Superskips race.

That honour went to local drive Luke Whitten, who continued his run of hot form to take the win after qualifying 4th on the grid.  The podium positions were completed by two other local drivers in Dylan Shepherd and Luke Page.  Two former regulars in the Skip Barber category who made impressive returns.  The leading international driver was Maciej Tobola, who made an impressive run all the way to 5th position after starting all the way back in 17th.

Honours in the teams championship race also sit with Luke Whitten and his team mate Richard Nicholson.  Brad Parkin and Mark Jefferey bagged a set of solid points to be in second place, with Robert Crouch and the aforementioned Maciej Tobola in third in what should prove an exciting additional element to the series.

As for yours truly, I was in the hunt for a top 5 finish after qualifying in 14th, having a great time with Timothy Butler and Luke Page in the early stages.  I came out of the pit stops racing having jumped Timothy and would have been racing with Maciej for that magical top 5 but for the momentary laps of concentration and lack of a pit speed limiter…picking myself up a 15 second hold penalty with a return to the pits to serve it.  Quite shattered, but had a blast racing as you can see in the video below.

Racing moves to Barber Motorsports Park next week.  So search out the Australasian Superskips League on the iRacing site and come and join the action!